2016 - 2021


The virtual Movie theater

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First VR/VOD platform

CINEVR is historically the first VOD video platform providing movies in VR. Supported by pro business partners like SonyPictures, Fnac and FranceTV.

3D Graphics

Developing optimized shaders for mobile and desktop. Working in collaboration with 3D artists to integrate several 3D scenes. Dynamic lighting of the movie screen optimized for VR.

Movie players plugins

Creating Unity natives movie players (C/C++ and JNI) - ExoPlayer for Android. - LibVLC for Windows. - Include PS4VSEVideoPlayer for Playstation VR. Optimizations for rendering video content on an external texture.

VR Multi-platforms support

Developing VR Gameplay mechanics. Creating UI interfaces for each VR plateforms and video REST API connection. Supporting multiples VR headsets: - Oculus Rift/Quest/Gear - HTC Vive / Vive Pro - Playstation VR Shipping the app on each VR stores. Maintaining a B2C professionnal VR app integrating in-app purchases.

Thanks to CINEVR I learned a lot about professionnal development and maintaining an app with a good monthly active user average. As Technical Unity programmer I was plenty invested in the architecture and choice of technologies used in CINEVR.